Corporate Training



Enabling Human Potential

Our people are our greatest assets. Ace leadership, proven training programs, global exposure, and dynamic work environment ensures that our people are always at the next level of innovation and technology. ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES offers exciting career opportunities and challenges across verticals like Product Engineering, Quality Control, Product Development, Alliances & Strategy, Pre-Sales, and Sales & Marketing.

ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES Career Growth Model (ACGM) is our development philosophy that fuels the fresh talent. Given an ambitious Mission 2018, it is also critical that we focus on Talent Growth for each member of the ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES family. The ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES Career Growth Model enables a Career and Development Dialogue to set possible career paths, map competencies and track progress to ensure that you are moving in the right direction on the right track, and at the right speed! The program helps employees to leverage their strengths through self-reliance, engagement and commitment.

The Young Leader Program (YLP) at ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES is an initiative to Develop Leadership Skills in first time managers. This program is engineered to enable implementation of learning from the classroom to one’s job. New challenges require new ways of thinking in order to get the right outcomes which involves acquisition of new knowledge, skills and attitude.

The role of a second level leader in the career is a self-development phase. This transition comes with a lot of onus to adopt new skills and behaviour. To support and enable you to make this transition we bring to you the “LEAD – Leadership @ Engagement, Action & Development Program” just for this purpose. Our comprehensive training opportunities put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to explore new areas/capabilities through personalized career path because at ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES, We believe in ‘building’ and ‘not acquiring’ talent!

Professional Trainings/Certification

ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES uses a comprehensive, global learning platform to enable professional learning. It provides access to online courses, virtual classroom courses, and other learning and development resources. Course topics range from leadership development to personal effectiveness to productivity tools for project management, customer service, negotiations and technology solutions.

We have structured career pathways, specifically designed for employees in particular business areas. To enhance the competence required for the role, programs have been designed for skills development and application. We also sponsor our employees for higher education and other certifications which are required as part of their role.
An example here is ACPMP – ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES Certified Project Management Professionals. This certification is based on a comprehensive external PMP certification, extensive up skilling and exhaustive assessments of the project management professionals.
Ongoing technical, domain and product up skilling is carried out extensively basis individual and business needs.
Leadership and professional skills development is also a key focus at ASC IT CONSULTANCY SERVICES that makes use of both formal and informal training methods. Senior leaders are personally involved in developing the leaders of tomorrow for passing the baton to future generations in coming times.