Factory Management System

factory management software

Plant Administration Framework

Plant Administration Framework is an electronic administration and assembling framework that mechanizes dissemination of work, from detailers to creation supervisors through to the industrial facility floor.

All zones of the industrial facility including picking timber, cutting parts and amassing items can be set up as a “Station” where all assembling information is accessible on screen for the specialist to choose, cut and produce trusses and divider casings.

FMS is a paperless framework that works from a database and sustains live data to every assembling station and back to the generation director for moment work spot upgrades through to point by point reports.


Manufacturing plant Administration Framework (FMS) has numerous parts to it this permits every truss plant to utilize the framework in any capacity that suits their necessities. Yet, the accompanying is prescribed in light of the elements of the framework: –

fms2Function 1: The capacity for a truss plant to work with no research material

All plant research material can be uprooted when utilizing FMS, every station shows both content points of interest and a realistic showcase of the work needed to be created (pretty much as the printed material does now)

Disposes of the shot of cutting and assembling sheets being lost or lost (along these lines all trusses ought to be delivered – none missed)

Capacity 2: The capacity to control truss plant efficiency and work process

Set and focus truss plant generation planning

Screen industrial facility execution

Survey and overhaul processing plant and truss costings

Capacity 3: The data gave to Assembly line laborers

Assembly line laborers have complete access to all information and points of interest for the employment at every station, accessible in both content and realistic organizations. This is considerably more than what is as of now accessible by means of a paper framework.

The controller can likewise “Naturally” apportion work and sort the needs of the work for every station in view of truss sort, compasses and statures. This will spare time for the controller when assigning occupations to the dances.