Kwarx Know-how in Glassware

Now not for the reason that man first found out a clear and consumer pleasant subject matter may be constructed from atypical components reminiscent of soda, lime and silica has there been such a very powerful and floor-breaking innovation than the advance of Kwarx know-how in glass and stemware.

The Romans could neatly had been the unique innovators of glass, or glesum, which means a clear, lustrous substance, but it surely used to be the French, of the brand new millennium, who modified the performance and look of glass ceaselessly with Kwarx know-how.

The Glass-making Way

Despite the fact that the real means and advanced mix of elements, which elevates glassware to a wholly new and extremely up to date dimension, is a carefully guarded secret, the expertise at the back of Kwarx ensures everlasting lustre, unparalleled readability and extra power – the latter the most important to the UK glassware rent trade.

The significance of one of the best glass to accompany the best of wines has lengthy been lost sight of. The most recent development to serve and imbibe ‘new’ wines as an alternative of cellar wines has, then again, demanded modern and sophisticated glassware to absolute best strengthen the intrinsic traits of those wines. Claimed to be due to the a tremendous synthesis of human endeavour, new and modern therapy strategies, a completely new manufacturing course of and a mix of uncommon uncooked supplies, Kwarx used to be namely designed with wine tasting or oenology in mind.

A New Range is Born

This is where the Chef & Sommelier Open Up range has stepped in. One of the first stemware lines to boast the pioneering spirit of Kwarx, this range has a number of elements crucial to the full-throated enjoyment of the wine, not least the lustre, transparency and powerful resilience associated with the new material.

  • Fine rims, measuring 0.9mm, elevates the Open Up range to that of hand blown lead crystal, but without the fragility.
  • The upper part of the bowl is rounded inwards facilitating the timeous release of heady aromas and flavours, whilst at the same time providing an exact measure for the correct amount of wine the glass should hold to best effect.
  • Long stems complement the clean, angular lines of the Open Up bowl.
  • Flat bases ensure maximum stability. Accompanied by the new-found strength of Kwarx glass, the Open Up range is virtually indestructible!

When next hosting a party, wine tasting experience or simply an elegant meal with friends, opt for the Chef & Sommelier Open Up vary, resplendent with the lustrous, clear and unbreakable Kwarx know-how. Except for the real stemware, the Open Up vary vary comes with a Kwarx infused decanter, making sure all bar gear rent desires are met with the most recent and most sturdy glass on this planet.

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