Project Management

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Software for Scheduling & Planning Employees, Equipment & Other Resources

Project Resource Scheduling & Planning at its Best

Scheduler is a specialised collaborative (multi-user) & configurable software that lets organisations schedule, plan and manage employees, equipment and other resources on projects and day to day activities. All employee and other resource infomation is kept in a central database that allows users to easily search & identify resources spread across offices around the globe and facilitates scheduling and planning them on projects.

Designed to assist all levels of the organisation…

  • Project Managers: Can submit request for employees and other resources to be scheduled on their projects. View who all have been assigned and what are the gaps.
  • Resource Coordinators: Can identify available employees and other resources with required attributes and schedule them on projects.
  • Employees: Can view their schedule and enter time spent by them on different projects.
  • Department / Office Managers: Can view where and how their staff is being utilized.
  • Senior Management: Can view resource utilisation reports at different levels (employee, office, overall etc.). Financial reports show cost and revenue figures form different projects.