Textile Industry Management ERP

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Textile Industry Management ERP

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A Real help in Computation of Factory Accounting & Inventory

Textile Industry Management ERP places you in control, with continuous acceptances, postings and overhauling, complete online alteration & cancellation of information passage mistakes which are quickly upgraded in every significant record and archive extensive reports, reports printing, and all that you would anticipate from a material bookkeeping bundle. With as needs be you can be altogether charge of your general record, archives, generation & stock records with easy to understand enviourment. You’ll be more beneficial also genuine on to figure out what you have been missing, utilizing vb as a part of front hand & MSSQL in strike.

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What does Tex ERP 9.0 spread? Bookkeeping, charging, stock, generation status

Account Reports

Books as Bank, Petty, Cash, Ledger, Trial, P& l, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Funds Flow Ledger as Sub, Main, Debit & credit Note, Group, extraordinary, Agency Commission, according to production line not monetarily.

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Deals Reports

Requests, Packing Slip, Grading Sheet, Invoicing, Bills Printed & plain, Transport Bill, Party shrewd deals, Item Analysis, Insurance Statement, Forwarding/Bank Letters, Agent Register, Gray Sales, Return Register, Interest Statement, Agent Party Analysis

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Buy Reports

Yarn, Store, Spare, Finish Fabric, Shirting, Gray, Return, Supplier insightful, Item Analysis, and Monthly Purchase, Agent savvy deals examination.

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Creation & Inventory Reports

Stock according to stock, Excise Charges, Process Charges, Beam Card Preparation, Yarn stock according to arranging, Beam insightful stock, Finish stock, Shade savvy stock, Item Stock, Job weaving Receive., Factory astute stock, Due at procedure, reviewing stock, party investigation, Design examination, dim challan, and procedure shrewd stock, stock at godown.

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Archive Report

Installment exhortation, Forwarding Letters, Bills O/S letters, Bank Letters, Invoicing, Hundi, Voucher Printing, Statement of Accounts, Confirmation records, requests, Debit/Credit Notes, premium Notes, All sorts of registers. Just initiated in Accounting module not in manufacturing plant module.

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Bar Programming, Yarn Sizing with stock, Production Pipe line report with request based through approaching, generation, dispatch, stock. Windows based reporting inbuilt with ole highlight with email highlights.

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Key Features

Complete Code free

Completely incorporated business bookkeeping up to adjust

Boundless organizations

Straightforwardness crosswise over money related periods

Genuine multi-client LAN/Windows adaptation

Information liberates elements to secure checked vouchers against changes

Thorough watchword framework with super client and numerous clients for every organization with individual passwords

Record auto numbering & date errands

Compacted confirmed reinforcement over hard circle & shrewd rebuilding with signature and serial location

Programmed book shutting after money related year

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Online adjustments, insertion & cancellation of bills & vouchers

Voucher flipping office for less demanding & speedier heading of lapses

Hot key settings for rehashed operations and content passages

TSpecially outlined screen (Grids for multi sections) question reports with different levels zooming down to voucher level, with include, alter or erase offices.

Reports can be printed or spared as a record for uproot been annualizing

Bury monetary period utilities like programmed importing of shutting equalization with manual override choice if there should arise an occurrence of distinction in opening & shutting.

To guarantee opportune and productive execution of the task let Tex ERP 9.0 involve your desktop.

Note :- Customizations are been not entertained. On the off chance that any one needs to add to the bundle or re-module the operations according to individual need or for individual activity than those customization are been entertained just when additional charges are been paid according to examination other savvy we a re subject for giving the standard programming which covers each prominent & obliged idea according to material industry.