When Will have to You Use ICEfaces?

The reply is unassuming. By no means. The aim of this publish is to discover what ICEfaces in reality is, and why it can be counterproductive.

What’s ICEfaces?

ICEfaces is a in point of fact cool thought, truthfully. It is a framework that extends the usual JSF framework, and was once meant to simplify the programmer’s workload with the aid of doing away with Javascript from the equation. In otherwords, ICEfaces handles the entire Javascript and Ajax for you mechanically. ICEfaces differs from the JSF Framework in just one appreciate. The JSF Framework forces a whole webpage to refresh with every motion, whereas ICEfaces makes use of Ajax to incrementally trade parts of a webpage dynamically. That is for sure an enormous benefit over JSF. The issue with ICEfaces, then again, is that its idea is just too idealistic to in reality work in the true world.

What’s the issue with ICEfaces?

The issue with ICEfaces, like every other framework much like it, is discreet. In case your net software occurs to make use of each characteristic that ICEfaces gives, without a model, then positive, ICEfaces would most probably be high quality for you. The issue on the other hand, is that if you wish to create explicit performance or behaviors that ICEfaces would not provide, you are pressured to undergo the painful activity of integrating your customized performance with ICEfaces.

ICEfaces is not magic

Lots of people appear to assume that ICEfaces is a fully new expertise that is revolutionizing the online. Sadly, it can be merely a set of customized Java tag libraries that make the most of Ajax and Javascript. You probably have a tight group of net builders, they must be capable of assemble Ajax calls themselves with Javascript moderately simply. On this recognize, it makes extra feel to move in advance and construct your functions from scratch the usage of Javascript and Ajax so that you’ve full keep an eye on over your individual framework. In my expertise, builders spend rather more time looking to make customized options appropriate with ICEfaces than if they’d simply no longer used the framework within the first location.

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